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  • Drg. Witarmin Tanoyo, FISID

    Dr. Witarmin was graduated from University Prof. Dr. Moestopo Jakarta. He started to work as a dentist since 1989. With his more than 25 years experience in dentistry, he becomes a true dentistry passionist. He is also a FISID (Fellow of Indonesian Society of Implant Dentistry), a clinical expert in mouth rehabilitation, dental implant, crown and bridges, surgery, cosmetic dentistry. In his spare time, he loves to spend time with his family, gather with his friends, and also doing sports.

  • Drg. Michel Soedjono Sp.KG.

    Dr. Michel was graduated from Airlangga University Surabaya. On 2011, he took his master program and graduated as a specialist in conservative dentistry and root canal treatment. He took an advanced endodontic course on 2007 in Building Solid Foundation. A passionist in root canal treatment, conservative, and cosmetic dentistry. He's also took advanced study in neuromuscular dentistry and loves to keep update with the latest dental technology. In his spare time, he loves to watch movies and spend time with his family.

  • Drg. Immilia Eka Pertiwi

    Dr. Immilia was a cumlaude graduate from Airlangga University Surabaya. She took her advanced orthodontic study and joined in College General Dental Practitioner Singapore on 2010. She's also an invisalign licensed dentist, and took her advanced courses and lectures all over the world. A fellow of CGDP, Japan Society Orthodontic, KL Orthodontic Singapore, Invisalign Platinum Dentists, and also Occlusions Connections Neuromuscular Dentists Las Vegas - USA. She does various cases of orthodontic, TMJ-TMD, cosmetic dentistry. Always push herself to move forward, she loves to collect and read books. She loves psychology, history, nature, and dentistry.

  • Lily, drg.

  • Ike Rohmawati, drg.

  • Astrilia Tanggono, drg.

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