Tooth Protection

Silicone dioxide (SiO2) to prevent tooth cavity, sensitivity and anti ageing

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What does the treatment involve?

This unique liquid enamel SIO2 develops shortly after being applied to the teeth, prior to treatment the teeth have to be professionally cleaned and then well dried.
For this purpose SIO2 mouth retractor are used to keep the mouth open and the teeth dry and free of saliva during the whole treatment and to make the time as pleasant as possible.
The treatment is painless and takes 45 minutes and should be performed only by trained dental professionals for best results.
After applying SIO2 you can eat and drink normally.
Depending on the condition of your enamel a secondary treatment maybe necessary after 3 month. After this we recommended you repeat the treatment every year after professional dental cleaning.

What is it for?

• The damaged enamel prisms are regenerated and become more resistant to the daily deterioration caused by acid foods.
• The tethering SiO2 is used as an adjuvant and unfolds an antibacterial effect. The reduction of peritonitis was observed and the mucous membrane where regeneration with each SIO2 treatment, the tooth enamel also gained density and tooth sensitivity was gone instantly.
• SiO2 is purely made of bioactive material and therefore meets the needs of patients that have allergy sensitivity.
• The enamel is deep cleaned through an occurring hydrolysis which takes place at the enamel prisms and defects in the tooth enamel are replaced with the new Dental Technology Surface Guard ® with SIO2.
• By adding SiO2 the tooth enamel will provides a denser crystalline tooth structure to sensitive aching teeth which are then permanently protected.
• Once crystalline builds up it protects the teeth, bacteria is then less lightly to adhere to your teeth. SIO2 reduces the plaque up to 80%.
• Using SIO2 creates a positive change in patients who have to deal with annoying tartar, which disappears with time and you will achieve a healthier oral environment. Deposits of nicotine, red wine, coffee or tea can no longer penetrate into the tooth enamel but adhere only to the protective shield and can be removed easily from the tooth surface.
• The bioactive SIO2 not only ensures a healthier and stronger tooth structure, but also restore your natural and radiant look of healthy teeth. After cleaning and treatment with SIO2 your teeth look whiter by up to 3 shades, depending on your enamel condition. You will see immediate visible results and shiny teeth after your treatment immediately.