Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

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Who can have tooth whitening?

With the exception of pregnant women and under 18s, anyone can have their teeth whitened. Any gender. Any age. As we age, teeth naturally darken and the non-invasive whitening technique is a great way to defy the ageing process. We need to make sure the teeth and gums are all healthy before starting your whitening, so we will check this at your consultation appointment.

What does the procedure involve?

Usually, tooth whitening would be carried out as ‘home whitening’. We take impressions of your teeth to custom-make your whitening trays. We give you the trays, syringes of whitening gel and application instructions. You then whiten your teeth at home for as many days as necessary to achieve your desired shade. Usually 5-10 days is sufficient.

How long does it last?

Around 2 years. After this, the colour starts to fade back towards the original. However, if you keep your custom-made trays, you can buy more of the gel very affordably at your next visit to our clinic.

Is it safe?

Yes (so long as you follow the instructions we give you). It’s a tried and tested method, with a long track record.Tooth whitening is the safest form of aesthetic dentistry. This is because it is completely non-invasive; no drills are used as with some other treatments. The whitening gel we use is safe. Some people may experience temporary tooth sensitivity but this is usually easily managed with sensitive toothpaste. Excessive use of the gel can cause gum irritation if instructions are not followed. There is no lasting damage to the teeth. Following whitening, your teeth will be just as strong as beforehand.

Will my crowns and fillings whiten?

No. The whitening will only affect natural enamel and dentine. However, if you have existing crowns or fillings, we can usually change these for lighter ones to match your new lighter shade afterwards. Before you start whitening, your dentist will identify any visible restorations (crowns, veneers, fillings) which may need to be changed after the whitening treatment. We will discuss this with you at your consultation.

Can I whiten my one dead, discoloured tooth?

Yes. This uses a slightly different technique where whitening gel is sealed inside the tooth for 2 weeks. It is usually reliable and predictable, but may need to be repeated periodically.

What are the alternatives?

Porcelain Veneers
Composite Veneers
Airflow stain removal